As told by Travis

We sat beside each other in Spanish class. We were both shy, so we barely dared to look at each other but one day Rachel asked to borrow a pencil. I knew she liked me because her face got really red. So I gave her a pencil.

We had a film class together too. We were in the same group for a music video. I fell in love with Rachel when we were making that video. From the brainstorming, to the sketching, to the shooting and editing, I realized that I never want to stop creating art with this girl.

One day we were laying out in the grass after school. I asked her if she wanted to be my girlfriend. She said yes and we held hands. I’ll never forget the way she smelled that day.

From then on we texted all day, every day. We bonded over music, art, books, video games, dogs. We worked on tons of art projects together. After school, we would always go to a coffee shop and make weird comics.

A few years went by and she went on to college and I got a job. She was only an hour and a half away, but I missed her like crazy and tried to visit as often as possible. This made us really want to move out into our own place. We often talked about traveling and moving away together. So we saved up our money and took a beautiful trip to Greece.

That summer we planned another trip. I wanted to take Rachel to my favorite place. So we went to Maine. I bought a ring. We stayed in my Uncle’s lake cabin. We sketched each other on the dock until she needed to borrow a pencil. So I put the ring on the pencil to reenact the first time we talked. She said yes and we’ve been excited to get married ever since.


As told by Rachel

Travis and I met when he sat beside me in Spanish class my sophomore year of high school. I still remember by very first impression of him: when he sat down, I was in the middle of zoning out and thinking about how many people we see everyday that we never talk to and never will. I remember thinking "here's just another junior guy that I will never even talk to, he'll always just be that guy I sat next to in Spanish class." I also thought his shoes were weird. I had resolved not to date in high school so I usually tried to ignore people I saw day-to-day.

Eventually, I figured out that he could draw and that resolve was over for me. I waited for a super long time before talking to him. I was too nervous and we were both SUPER awkward. The first time I talked to him in person, it was because I needed to borrow a pencil. I knew we had a quiz that day so I purposefully left all my pencils at home. I offered to give the pencil back after class, but he told me to keep it. I did and I still have it.

I think the first time I really thought I could see myself with Travis was when we were filming a music video in the cold at sunset at some abandoned building. We had to cross the street and my back was to the sun and he turned to me and the golden hour light hit his pretty brown eyes juuuust right and I was kind of shocked by how loving and real he looked. We became good friends, bonding over creation and drawing and filming and eventually he asked me to be his girlfriend on a beautiful day in April while we were laying in the grass under a big tree.

Since then, we've made so many things, traveled out of the country a few times, and gone through both really great stuff and really bad stuff. We've learned a lot from each other and I'm excited to keep learning and growing with him. We've become adults together and it has been a really special experience.

He proposed in July 2018 in Norway, Maine. We were sitting on a dock by a lake drawing each other. My pencil ran out of lead and I asked for another one. He gave me an exact replica of the first pencil I asked for, and a little ring was on the end of it. I kept the ring and the pencil.